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by | Jun 20, 2019 | Khagendra, News

Since last year November, we started making bracelets and dreamcaters at Khagendra. A good number of the residents who have no work or income wanted to join the program.

The starting point is to generate income, not only for this residents who make the products but also to use the profit to help Khagendra and thereby help all other residents with improving the conditions. The sale of the products is going well and so we where able to carry out several small projects.

Here an overview of what we have been able to do over the past few weeks:

• Tools for wheelchair maintenance

At Khagendra, Danda Bahadur Budhathoki does the maintenance of all the wheelchairs of the many residents. To make his job more easy and with that the maintenance of the wheelchairs more accessible for everyone, we have been able to buy several tools in the last few months. Including: 

    • A welding machine
    • A drill
    • A scourer
    • A sewing machine
    • An air pump
    • And other small tools

• Lighting at Khagendra New Life Home

The lighting in the house here and there was pretty old and used up. Time for renewal. In many rooms it did not work properly and some situations in regards the cables simply dangerous. With the help of an electrician, we could fix most parts and replace many lights.

• Planting of fruit, flowers and spices

Already before we have been working on the garden. The garden is an important space for the residents, it’s a nice and pleasant place to stay. There is enough room to grow vegetables in different places like mais, pumpkin, fruit trees and other crops, like, chillis, and coriander. Besides that, we’ve placed nice flowers at the main entrance and the patio. This all makes the living condition at  Khagendra a lot more attractive.

• Garbage shed

Waste is a big problem in Nepal. So also at Khagendra New Life Home. There’s a lot of garbage produced and what finally happens it disappears in the garden. Consequences are that dogs, birds and other animals go eat it and spread it over the premises. To make sure it all can be locked behind a door, we’ve put a garbage shed in the back of the garden. Now the waste can be stored and it’s no longer accessible to animals. Once every two weeks it will be collected and the shed emptied.

• For the hairdresser

At Khagendra, the caretakers shave and cut the hair of the residents. Before, it was with an old and uncomfortable razor, which was not a pleasant enterprise for employee or resident. With this in mind, we have purchased a new device that makes it easier and more pleasant to get the hair done.

• School supply for Bhakta Raj Bhatta in Doti

Together with the residents we also look outside of Khagendra’s walls.

Many have family in remote villages and do not always have the means to let their children go to school with all the necessary supplies. So also for Bhakta Raj Bhatta in Doti. For him, with the earnings of selling bracelets and dreamcatchers, we were able to buy what he needed for coming school year.

It is nice to see that with a small programme, like the creation of bracelets and dreamcatchers we can do so much. The residents are increasingly seeing that the creation of this kind of products is not just a work but also contributes to the welfare of themselves and the people around them. For the future, we would like to expand the product directive and make jewelry like earrings and keychains. This is where Saheen of Local Women’s Handicrafts is coming back to give a workshop.

If you want to support the residents of Khagendra, this can be done by donating through this page or by buying bracelets and dreamcatchers. These are sold via different websites in the Netherlands. If there is a wish for a large number or specific colours or patterns, for example, for a company or event, we can provide in that also. For more information contact us via,


Kind regards,
Douwe Kiran
Foundation Creative Nepal

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