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A few weeks ago, we started a new little project at Khagendra. Bracelets made by residents who can still sufficiently work with their hands.

Foundation Creative Nepal sublied the necessary tools and the first batch of material, different colors beats and strings. Together with Saheen of Local Women’s Handicrafts, on a nice sunny Saturday I went to Khagendra to give the workshop. As it is more often with special occasions such as this one, there where a lot of people wanting to participate. All men who wanted to learn how to make the best bracelet.

The workshop was a great success. What I already suspected was that for the real work not so many wanted to step up. We’re supposed to make bracelets all day? I prefer to be in the sun …

Yet there was a nice group that started with enthusiasm and soon the first kilos of beads were finished. Shopping one more time to make sure we can show a pretty good number and hopefully sell.

Saheen was impressed by Khagendra and his residents and offered to sell the bracelets that we make in her store. Very good cause now we’ve got a nice place to offer them, the first 300 bracelets were already sold quickly. Now it turned out that it’s kind of fun to work together and make some money, there were a lot of other residents coming forward to help.

I told Krishna that we must first have a market for selling the bracelets before we can get to work with a larger group. We can make hundreds of bracelets, of course, but if they don’t sell it soon is finished with the work.

The bracelets are in a very large range of colours for a nice price of €2,- (excl. postage)

If you want to purchase a bracelet, it can be bought at Khagendra, at the store of Saheen’s shop in Kathmandu and also by ordering them via several websites in the Netherlands.

There is also the possibility of placing bigger orders. You can tell us in what colours you want to have them. Think of it, for example, the colours of a logo for a foundation, company or association. Those are always nice presents to give away or sell in a store or on the market. For more information on these opportunities, you can email to;


Douwe Kiran
Foundation Creative Nepal

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