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by | Mar 28, 2019 | Khagendra, News

Khagendra New Life Home: a place for people who can no longer live at home due to their disability. Day in, day out, the residents walk, crawl and ride in and out of the building. In the cold winter months, everybody can often be found outside to stay warm in the sun.

Khagendra is a home for many residents, approximately 80 to 90 people live here. All the residents have their own story. As well as Chize Maya, who is living here now for about 4 years. The first 1,5 years after her accident that caused her spinal cord injury (SCI) with the inability to move nor feel from the waist down, were spent in her bed. There was no money for or knowledge about other options. No rehabilitation. No wheelchair. No medical resources. Only a supine position on a bed.

Fortunately, after those years, Chize Maya came to Khagendra and she got a wheelchair and all the medical things necessary for people with SCI. Because when your spinal cord is damaged, the messages between your brain and your body (derma, muscles, organs) that travel via the spinal cord are no longer coming through. The effects of spinal cord injury depend on the severity and level of the injury. SCI is commonly referred to as either incomplete or complete. In a complete SCI there are no signals below the point of injury between the brain and the body- no sensation and no voluntary movement. This is the case with Chize Maya. Thanks to the wheelchair she is still able to move around. But also the loss of sensation can be dangerous. There are medical risks, such as pressure sources.

When we sit in the same position for too long, our body sends the message to our brain that it’s uncomfortable and we change our position. People who have SCI don’t receive those messages any longer, which increases the risk of pressure sources by staying too long in one position. Besides the recovery is slower, so prevention is better than cure. And this requires medical stuff, such as an air mattress and a good cushion for in the wheelchair.

Unfortunately, for Chize Maya, both of these things were in desperate need of replacement. The air mattress had a leak and was flat, and the foam cushion was sagged. She already had increasing backpain and sitting in the wheelchair became uncomfortable. Also, a supine position on a flat mattress wasn’t very pleasant. The risk for pressure sources increased by the day.
The prices in Nepal for the air mattress and cushion are not comparable with the prices in Europe, but then again, there is also no healthcare or insurance here in Nepal, like we have. So they couldn’t afford those things for themselves. Luckily, thanks to Foundation Creative Nepal, we were able to buy a new air mattress and a proper foam cushion in time for Chize Maya. Now she can sleep comfortable at night again, and ride in the wheelchair during the day.


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