Will you make the difference?

Imagine. You live in Nepal, you are in a wheelchair and you live with 67 residents in a home. Yet you do not complain. You have a roof over your head and you get to eat three times a day. A great luxury in one of the poorest countries in the world. Your roommates become your friends. Your best friends. You’re under conditions happy. And then you get news. News that you didn’t see it coming. ‘ We can no longer charge the costs. ‘ Every month you get 55 euros from your family to be able to pay for the residence, but in two months that is over.

The stress is increasing. How can you survive in a wheelchair where the roads are impassable? Who is going to take care of you? And: Can you ever see your best friends again?

It happened to the 78-year-old Shantaman, who has been staying for 3.5 years in the shelter Khagendra New Life Home. In Nepal, disabled people are treated differently than in the Western world. Sometimes the family puts you in a cage, so that wild animals can’t do anything to you. No sense of freedom? That’s a pity, atleast you’re safe.

Initiatives such as Khagendra New Life Home have arisen where people with physical and/or mental disabilities have the feeling of freedom and the care needed. Fantastic initiatives, which can change lives altogether.

But every initiative costs money, so too Khagendra. Each resident must pay 55 euros per month for basic care, nutrition and accommodation. The family often jumps in to be able to pay for this. However, this amount is too large for many families to be able to cough up every month and so many residents get into trouble.

Foundation Creative Nepal is doing something about this. In the past year, seven residents have been helped for the upcoming six months, including Shantaman. Help for short term, but there is more money needed for long term.

Want to help? Each contribution counts. Whether it is 55 euros per month or a one-time donation.


Will you make the difference?

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