Distribution of Clothes

In the morning of Friday March 9th, we distributed clothes together with Saheen from Local Women’s Handicrafts (LWHNepal) in the area close to the Swayambunath, better known as the Monkey Temple. Maxime and I got up early to help Saheen to gather all the donated clothes from her home in Thamel, and carried them downstairs. With some help of the cab driver we managed to get all the clothes within the tiny cab, and we were on our way.

Having arrived just one street away from the entrance of the Swayambunath, we had to carry all the clothes again to the designated spot. It was early and there were around ten people waiting for us, curious what we were carrying, and what they would hopefully receive within the next couple of hours. While we were trying to order the shoes and clothes in the best way possible, more and more people gathered around us to see what we had brought with us for them. Communication went through Saheen, and for Maxime and I it was more or less gesturing with your hands and feet to get anything across.

We started distributing the clothes to the children one by one. Which can be a struggle since most of their mothers or didi’s (older sisters) tried to help with the process of finding the right size, which led to some chaos from time to time. This was managed by calling them to order in English, which would be translated by Saheen in Nepali, which made them step back in line and stop reaching for the clothes.


After a few hours we managed to give every child at least one pair of trousers, several t-shirts, most received ‘brand new’ shoes, and lots of happy faces. We were thanked, and on our way back home. Thank you all for who has donated clothes, we are all thankful on behalf of the men, women, and children we distributed the clothes to.


Annemijn Mors

Stichting Creative Nepal

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