Emergency Assistance, Floods Terai, Nepal!

by | Jul 15, 2019 | LWHNepal, News

Due to the continuing rainfall in many parts of Nepal, the situation in Saptari, Terai, is also changed. One of the regions we support, in collaboration with a Local Women’s Handicrafts.

Also in 2017, heavy floods destroyed houses and people had to leave their villages to seek safety. Many of them have just got their life back on track, to now face  a similar situation.

Where we initially thought one village would desperately need support, it has already expanded to three in recent days. 98.280 people throughout the region have been told to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere. The houses are mostly built in traditional style, from clay and bamboo, and are likely to be destroyed. Agriculture also suffers from this. The region is mainly dependent on income from agriculture.

Our focus is on ± 105 families in the surrounding villages of the Local Women’s Handicrafts Training Center. We will use this center as a basis. The ± 105 families are divided into these villages: 33 from fatipur, 60 from Karamy and 12 from Sedepur. The size of the families lies in average on 20 members.

In order to ensure that we can provide these ± 2100 people in the basic needs, we have compiled an emergency package:

  • Rice 30 Kilo – 2,500 npr
  • Beaten Rice 5 Kilo – 950 npr
  • Cooking Oil 2 Ltr – 650 npr
  • Salt 2 Kilo – 80 npr
  • Masala Herbs 2 Kilo – 1200 npr
  • Lentles – 5 Kilo – 750 npr
  • Carpet – 2,800 npr
  • Blankets – 3,000 npr
  • Paracetamol – 40 npr
  • Soap – 380 npr
  • Water purification fluid 3x – 200 npr
  • Sanitary Packages 3x – 3,000 npr
  • Other expenses: ±2,200 npr (transport etc.)

The cost per family comes at about $130,

To ensure that the goods are delivered where it is most needed, together with a group of LWHNepal, itdelenwe are going to the Terai this week in order to distribute the packages.

Total cost, approximately €13,650

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Douwe Kiran

Foundation Creative Nepal

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