Information Menstruation and Hygiene

Location Kale ka Sarana Mabey, high school.

In Nepal it is a common problem that young women don’t, or not in time receive the necessary information about menstruation and the corresponding hygiene. Since there is a taboo on this topic the lessons in school are often skipped with as a result, unnecessary diseases and infections. Additionally, many families simply don’t have the money to provide the sanitation that women need for there monthly period.

Foundation Creative Nepal (SCN) works together with Local women’s Handicrafts (LWHNepal) in order to break the taboo and help in handing out the right facilities. The women of LWHNepal make the sanitary packages in the workshop and have a job and thus a stronger position within the society. SCN buys the packages and hands them out at the schools where it is needed most. A win-win situation for multiple parties within Nepalese society.


In recent weeks we have visited several schools to investigate whether there is potential for an awareness program. Like we did on the Purano-Guheshwori high school where we gave out 153 sanitary packages and the necessary information on menstruation and hygiene.

The next school on the agenda is the Kale ka Sarana Mabey high school near Goldhunga. A school with approximately 74 young female students in the age group of 11 to 17. To raise awareness on the subject and to reduce the taboo we’ll ask some of the boys and the teachers of the classes to be present during the information.

Support us with this project by donating one or more sanitary packages.

We are very grateful!

Douwe Kiran Soeting

Foundation Creative Nepal

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