Photoshoot Khagendra

After the success of the beauty day, ‘girls only’, it was desperately time to also organise a cozy day for the gentlemen of Khagendra. So we came up with the idea for a photoshoot. For the women and the men. And then not one for glitter and glamor but as funny and crazy as possible (and that is for many Jokers there not a tough job). And so we again set out to this cozy place, with make up, streamers, balloons, fake snow and more. Especially also a lot of enthusiasm! It was a beautiful sunny day so, perfect light for the pictures!

The nicest surprise was, how the guys responded to the make up. I asked Khum, as joke, if he wanted to have some eyeshadow and without hesitation he said yes! And also a little blush and lipstick! All his friends also found that kind of funny and cheerfully created a line. When the makeup was done accordingly it was time for photo’s. With a Crown, sunglasses and other funny attributes. Naturally our photo’s alone where not enough. Selfies where made with phones as many as possible . Super fun to see! (after they had made enough pictures, they immediately washed there faces , which was sad at first, because after seeing others most of them wanted it all again).

When everyone had his or her turn, it was time for the group picture with confetti. It was a great day with lots of laughter, futzing, colours and cheerfulness! We very much enjoyed it and seeing the happy, beautiful faces of the residents they did too.


Maxime Besaris

Foundation Creative Nepal

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