Khagendra New Life Home

‘A home base with the best possible care for people with disabilities’

Khagendra is an institution for people of all ages who are severely physically and/or mentally disabled. Khagendra offers permanent care for about 75 people by giving them daily physiotherapy, nursing and caring. Many residents feel at home at Khagendra.

Foundation Creative Nepal contributes to the general living conditions at Khagendra by for instance investing in improving the housing facilities, sanitary, hygiene and activities. This makes the life of residents of Khagendra easier and more fun.

In addition, we help the residents who can no longer carry the costs for Khagendra by circumstances. Similarly, we offer individual sponsorship to residents who, for example, need additional support in the form of study fees or external surveys.

Donation Resident

Targeted donations to residents of Khagendra are used to cover their basis needs.
Would you like to send a specific resident personally sponsors a mail

Costs per Resident

The monthly cost for Khagendra are 6000 rupees (about 50 euros) per month. These costs are paid to receive medical care, shelter and a meal three times a day.

Let yourself be heard, Donate!

Every donation, large or small, contributes to a better world for the people in Nepal


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