Local Women’s Handicrafts

‘Empowering on women at a time

In 2010, Nasreen founded ‘Local Women’s Handicrafts’ together with her brother and sister. This foundation focusses on offering new opportunities to underprivileged women in Nepal. Nasreen was born in a suburban village on the border of India and Nepal. Female inhabitants have very little rights and live a disadvantaged life. When she was 12 years old, she got the opportunity to leave the suppressed circumstances she had grown up in and moved to Kathmandu. Here she started working for big export companies, making clothing and accessories. Nasreen worked ten to fourteen hours a day, only getting five dollars. Fortunately, she met an American teacher living in Nepal, who gave her free education.

Creative Nepal contributes to the projects of Local Women’s Handicrafts by Investing in the sanitary packages that we, together with Saheen of LWHNepal, distribute to students during information days about menstruation and hygiene.

A Win/Win situation!

With your donation Creative Nepal buys the sanitary packages at LWHNepal and hand them out to the students and women during the information days. Thus, the women of LWHNepal also maintain a stable income.


The Sanitary Package

  • Two eco-friendly sanitary pads
  • Two 100% cotton underwear
  • Five times a inlay
  • One pouch of reused silk
  • One bar of soap
  • Once a nail clippers


Chhaupadi is a Hindu tradition in Nepal where women have to be secluded in huts and barns during their period. They are considered unclean by the community. Although the use was banned by the Nepalese court in 2005, the tradition in western Nepal still occurs at about 95% of the population.

It is said that the Hindu gods will affect the community with doom such as diseases, poor harvest death of cattle and other disasters if the women reside in their own houses during their period. If the women would pursue these practices, they would not be able to do so and stay in often moist huts and small draughty rooms during their period. During Chhaupadi  they are not allowed to touch men, eat or drink dairy products, not enter their own home or prepare their own food. What remains is dried foods such as salt and rice and water. It is therefore regular that these women become victims of malnutrition and disease by infections, die from snake bites or are attacked by larger animals like tigers and other predators.

Foundation Creative Nepal is working with Local Women’s Handicrafts to further eradicate this old tradition. By creating more awareness among women and men during information days and workshops.

Surely we can no longer let these old and inhuman practices endure?

Make yourself be heard, Donate!

Every donation, large or small contributes to a better world for the people of Nepal


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