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by | Jan 20, 2019 | News

At the end of last year, Connor Schatz informed us that she could no longer combine the function as secretary of Foundation Creative Nepal with her private life. This function was therefore temporarily taken over by by Joost van Riel (Chairman).

Soon we had in mind to ask Annemijn Mors as new secretary. She has helped with several projects in Nepal and we also find it important that at least one woman is present on the board of Creative Nepal.

One of our main goals is the support of the local women of Nepal (it is still a real men’s world in Nepal) and also with that reason magnifying that it is important to manage this foundation with a mix of men and women.

When we asked Annemijn the question to help us on the board through a message, she indicated that she is currently somewhat busy with her studies, but that she can combine this and find it a lot of fun to help us.

The foundation is still relatively small (which is also our moto “by staying small we can do great things”). This allows us to limit the moments to consult and thus not interfere with her studies.

We are very pleased that Annemijn has accepted our request and we are certainly going to have a nice cooperation!


Joost van Riel
Foundation Creative Nepal


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