‘by remaining small, Creative Nepal can do big things’

New Board member Secretary

At the end of last year, Connor Schatz informed us that she could no longer combine the function as secretary of Foundation Creative Nepal with her private life. This function was therefore temporarily taken over by by Joost van Riel (Chairman). Soon we had in mind to...

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Bracelets by Khagendra

A few weeks ago, we started a new little project at Khagendra. Bracelets made by residents who can still sufficiently work with their hands. Foundation Creative Nepal sublied the necessary tools and the first batch of material, different colors beats and strings....

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Sanitary – Khagendra New Life Home

The renovation of the sanitation at Khagendra is in full course. After we signed the contract last Wednesday for the work, the team of Deepak of Nutech Nepal could start their work on it. Two spaces that are being renovated in this first phase are stripped of all the...

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Spring cleaning at Khagendra

Big Cleaning at Khagendra New Life Home!   Khagendra is a key base for the residents where they can rehabilitate or because they have no other place to live. That last one in a lot of cases because the family can't take care of them. The roads in Nepal and so in...

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Will you make the difference?

Will you make the difference? Imagine. You live in Nepal, you are in a wheelchair and you live with 67 residents in a home. Yet you do not complain. You have a roof over your head and you get to eat three times a day. A great luxury in one of the poorest countries in...

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