Water filter for Goganpur, Terai

Local Women’s Handicrafts

Clean drinking water is one of the main basic needs of man. We can live for a period of 30 to 40 days without eating, but we will only survive for about three days without water. In the goganpur region, Terai, Nepal drinking water is not self-evident.

Following an increased number of sick people in the region, Local Women’s Handicrafts has conducted a study of the cause of the increase of sickness. What turns out was that the important drinking water is not clean enough. So This is something that needs to be done!

To solve the problem we need a filter system that can provide a large group of people in the area of clean drinking water. The system will not only have an impact on women’s project but for all people around. 

The base project, Training Centre Terai is in full progress and soon we can start with the provision of training to disadvantaged women in the region. 


Costs for this project are: ± €7300,- 

Will you help us realise this important water filter for Goganpur?



  • Placing of a Waterfilter system
  • Creating a distribution station for the region


  •  September, 2019


  • Goganpur, Terai, Nepal

Time frame:

  • 1 Month


  • The project is being carried out by Nepalese contractors
    Under the supervisory eye of Foundation Creative Sight and Local Women’s Handicrafts

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