Sanitation at Khagendra – Follow-up

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Khagendra, News

The sanitation at Khagendra New Life Home were in fair need of a renewal. The situation was simply not safe for the many residents in a wheelchairs. With support from our partners and sponsors, we now have successfully concluded the second stage. The 5 main spaces have been renovated and are accessible for the residents.
Here a taste of what we did during the remodelling:
At first, we have replaced the broken tiles on the wall and floor. This is the first step towards a safer situation. Many tiles were worn, broken, and in some places sharp and dangerous.

As a second step, we have replaced the toilets and showers to ensure that everything is properly working. In order to ensure that in any area warm water is also present, we have added two major new solar boilers and the distribution of plumbing spaces as well for the kitchen and other places within Khagendra. Now there is enough warm water for the cold periods in the year for all residents. In addition, we have placed strong rails on several parts of the wall so that it is easier to reach for less mobile residents and they can hold on for safety.
In addition to the sanitation areas, there was a desire for a possibility where the residents themselves could do their own washing of clothes. To create this space, we had to break a wall first, with which there is an open space where it now is easy to reach in a wheelchair. A low wide wash surface was placed with warm and cold water.
This procedure makes it not only easier for the residents but also for the staff members.

Now that the bigger part of the sanitation has been renewed and adjusted, we look forward to the final stage of this project. There are two more rooms that need to be done. For this we already covered some of the costs. We still need an amount of about €2500, – to achieve this.
Help us with the final stage so it’ll be safe to go to the bathroom at Khagendra.

Kind regards,

Douwe Kiran
Foundation Creative Nepal

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