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by | Nov 19, 2018 | Khagendra, News

The renovation of the sanitation at Khagendra is in full course. After we signed the contract last Wednesday for the work, the team of Deepak of Nutech Nepal could start their work on it.

Two spaces that are being renovated in this first phase are stripped of all the old and broken material to make room and space for a new strong and working area. The upcoming period of about 4 weeks will therefore be equally crowded with men walking back and forth and making noise. Doors are sanded, walls are demolished and rebuilt, water pipes are laid out and the entire wiring for light and ventilation is renewed.

In order to ensure that the work is carried out as agreed, I am present daily to oversee the work, methods and material used. It is important for us that with this renovation the spaces will continue to function for several years.

We would like to thank our sponsors very warmly for their support.
Foundation First Chance Nepal, from England
Stichting Pro Actief Nepal, from The Netherlands
And all the people who have done a personal donation for this project.


Douwe Kiran
Stichting Creative Nepal

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