Solar-Power at Khagendra


What would we do without power? Can you imagine what it would be like if we could no longer charge our mobile, or turn on our television? And what if we had no more light in the house?

In Nepal It still comes with regularity that the power goes out. Parts of, for example, Kathmandu are also plotted because there is not enough capacity to fully supply a large city like this. For many here, that is the most normal thing in the world and they live in the moment. Power or no power.

At Khagendra New Life Home that has more far-reaching Consequences. There are several inhabitants there that are paralysed to varying degrees. This ensures that they cannot move themselves and therefore cannot turn when in bed if necessary. With the result, pressure wounds. Sometimes as big as a tennis ball and to the bone. Sounds awful, and so it is, but unfortunately it still occurs.

To make sure they don’t have to turn when they are lying on bed they use an air mattress which constantly moves. This ensures that the pressure is always moved and no pressure wounds occur. Of course there is constant power needed for this!

Since February 2015, Khagendra has a nice supply of solar panels and backup batteries. This beautiful project was funded and implemented by Foundation Silent Voices at the time.

“We became aware of the frequent power outages that was often impacting the area and decided to raise funds to purchase a full solar panel. Silent Voices raised 10.000€ In February of 2015 aiming to improve the resident’s quality of life. After the installation of the solar panel, Khagendra became self-sufficient regarding electricity and residents benefitted from it in various ways. Often taken for granted in privilege countries, electricity in Khagendra was a matter of life and death as many residents had pressure sores in very advanced stage. Thankfully, this is no longer a concern and residents are now fully enjoying the benefits of light,” Silent Voices.

In April, lightning struck! ‘ A moment not to forget soon ‘, says Krishna. Krishna is one of the inhabitants who desperately needs the emergency flow. He is paralysed from his neck down and has in the past combed with advanced pressure wounds.

The Lightning has eliminated two of the backup batteries in such a way that it could no longer be repaired. Also the controller that ensures that the power that comes in is also used properly was destroyed.

Thanks to our sponsors, we at the Foundation Creative Nepal, in collaboration with Foundation Silent Voices, have been able to repair the backup power supply and ensure that it again works properly.

Khagendra remains a place where support is still needed in many places. In this way, hot water supplies are no longer working properly and the sanitary is obsolete and necessary for a renovation. Your support is desperately needed for these projects.

Will you help us to give the residents of Khagendra a good shower and a save access to the toilets?

Thank you!



Foundation Creative Nepal




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