Spring cleaning at Khagendra (Part 2)

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Khagendra, Khagendra, News, News

In the past week we have been able to sell a lot of material at Khagendra. It was a good task to explain the purpose of this mission to the residents too. Things that lie on the roof and are no longer used. “Why sell? Surely it is not in the way? ” From the moment it became clear that it would also deliver something, the bullet was fast through the church. A very nice yield of about €750,-was the result. And of course a sea of space on the roof but also in the rear garden. For personal items such as old wheelchairs and the like we have been able to give a new place, which means that it is no longer in the way and it can be reused again in the long term.

Now that the basic work has been done, the cleaning goes even further. There is dust everywhere and here and there still waste which will be disposed of in the coming weeks. Medical products, such as bandage and tape donated in recent years by foreign organisations,
got a new dry and dust free place in a room on the ground floor. The medical staff knows what is in stock and does not need to purchase unnecessary new material.

As promised, Foundation Creative Nepal will double the amount of Khagendra with the help of our sponsors. The purpose of the mission was to create a new and better waste system for what was sold. New trash bins and a better place to store waste before it gets picked up.
With this large sum we can also buy cleaning products such as mopping, brooms and new buckets. Daily housekeeping is provided in the corridors and rooms of Khagendra.  It is time to help the staff on good equipment to make their work easier.


Douwe Kiran

Foundation Creative Nepal

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