Big Cleaning at Khagendra New Life Home!


Khagendra is a key base for the residents where they can rehabilitate or because they have no other place to live. That last one in a lot of cases because the family can’t take care of them. The roads in Nepal and so in Kathmandu are often not easy for ordinary traffic even more so for a wheelchair.

Over the years there have been various organizations donating different materials that have been used for a good period of time. Use of this has also worn out a lot of these things and so became unusable. The disposal of the material is not so easy and much is left behind in the garden or on the flat roof where they are mainly collecting dust.

Foundation Creative Nepal devised a planto help with this project. The majority of material is carefully selected on value, whether it is still useful and whether there can be any parts for the future. The rest is sold the coming period or thrown away.

To encourage the residents, staff and executive board in this big cleaning and sell as much useless material as possible, Foundation Creative Nepal will double the amount of the big sale.

There’s something in return. The money earned has to go to create an easier way to keep Khagendra clean.

New wastebins with a solid lid, cleaning material and a place to burn small waste. No plastic, that’s the deal!

Your support is highly appreciated. Donations can be done through the donation page. You can also help us create more awareness for the foundation and the projects we do in Nepal through Facebook and for example LinkedIn.

Thank you very much for your support.


Douwe Kiran Soeting

Foundation Creative Nepal

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