Project Courtyard is finished!

At the start of December 2017 the first big project of Creative Nepal got started.

The garden had become a bigger and bigger problem for wheelchair users to enter. The Courtyard had lots of old beds that were used as seating area and there was a minimum amount of clothing lines.

Creative Sight thought it was about time for a change. A flat road made sure the residents could easily go inside and out. Blue coloured benches and cots were placed to replace the old beds. Finally, new poles were placed in order to be able to stretch extra clothing lines.

On behalf of all residents of Khagendra, we would like to thank all sponsors to help realise this project. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!



Foundation Creative Sight

Khagendra Courtyard

Renewal and imporval of the entrance to the courtyard

The courtyard at Khagendra is an important place for residents to go outside. It offers them shelter from wind and disquiet from the outside and makes sure residents can go outside. Its current situation makes going inside and out with a wheelchair very difficult. The concrete floor and exit to the outside is broken on several places, which resulted in some holes. To make sure everyone is going to be able to use the courtyard, Creative Sight will make a new exit.



  • Renewal of concrete
  • Making a path from and to the kitchen
  • Improve drainage
  • Relocate and renew clothing lines
  • Placing new benches


  • December 2017


  • Khagendra New Life Home


  • Approx. 21 Dagen


  • The project is executed by Nepalese contractors under the watchful eye of Foundation Creative Sight

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